Frequently Asked Questions


No. I have a proven sales presentation that I will customize to match your branding, promote your services and use to qualify your prospects. Use your own sales process, marketing materials, etc. to generate leads for the presentations and to follow up with qualified prospects.

I have also created very high-quality training content. This can also be customized to match your branding and promote your services.

I can incorporate aspects of your sales and marketing process into the seminars or training sessions, like mentioning special offers or services, etc. if required.  We will work out these details before we begin working together.

You are. You are responsible for lead generation, inviting prospects to attend presentations, setting up training sessions with your clients, organizing venues, meetings, etc. and then following up with interested participants afterwards. These events and all business generated from my presentations and workshops are entirely owned by you.

I will keep you informed of my availability so you can go ahead and organize and book the events and training sessions. I will arrive at the scheduled sessions, present and work as a member of your organization and act at all times in your best interest in all of my communications with your prospects and clients.

It all depends on your ability to organize events, follow up with prospects and provide the necessary support for a larger number of clients, preferably on a consistent basis.

Before anything can happen, however, we will first need to see if there is a fit that will enable us to work together. This involves discussing and assessing your needs so I can get to know your company and your services better, and look at the best way to get you results.

It all depends on how we structure our service agreement. Contact me to discuss further.